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It was 7:15am and I hustled my newborn and myself out the door.  We had been awake since 5am and I needed a coffee and some fresh air.  The first few months after childbirth went like this, and morning after morning, bright and early, there she was- sitting in the coffee shop, diligently working on her computer.  Some mornings we came in before her and some mornings she arrived before us.  She was always chic, whether in workout gear or dressed for the day, Ayumi’s eclectic and unique sense of style always shines through and she radiates positivity.  

In spite of language barriers, Ayumi and I became fast friends.  She helped me with my Japanese and I helped her with her English.  She was always ready to play with my fussy little one while I gulped down a coffee and motivated me to come to the gym with her (as a post-partum first time mum, this was no easy feat).  

Starting every day with an affirmation and ending each evening with gratitude, it makes sense why Ayumi is always so upbeat.  She is a health and wellness coach focused on nutrition, and is dedicated to her goal of inspiring others to find wellness.   Her advice to other women: No matter how small the act that you are doing is, do your best and keep believing.  “Keep Believing and keep moving, and everything is going to be alright.”

Over the course of the last few years, I have watched Ayumi transform herself by getting her certification in wellness and building her business up to a point where she is an authority on women’s nutrition in Japan.  From providing regular recipes to Women’s Health magazine to coaching women on Japan’s equivalent of The Next Top Model, she is constantly working on the next thing and how to better herself.

When I asked Ayumi, what she finds chic, she didn’t hesitate before replying, “Originality and being thoughtful and considerate to others.”  Which I just loved.  To Ayumi I have to say- Thank you for your time and energy and putting out so much positivity everyday!  Stay inspiring, stay chic!

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