Meet Kristen - "The more we help each other, the more we all rise."

Kristen describes herself as curious with wanderlust, and driven by connection and impact.  And in all honesty, Kristen is all these things and so much more.  A mom of 3, balancing a start-up business, while maintaining yoga teaching and training courses, hosting women’s wellness retreats, and teaching a university level courses on yoga, Kristen is a woman who truly does it all.  

Since graduating high school in Japan, Kristen has lived in over half a dozen countries including, Taiwan, the UK, France, India, Afghanistan, Malaysia, and Uganda to name a few.  She holds a masters in International Development, is a certified E-500 RYT yoga teacher and a licensed postpartum doula.  She prides herself on working on projects that make an impact, like helping to launch the Mabira Collective, an NGO which employs Ugandan women thereby giving them access to opportunities for themselves and their families they never had before.   

Kristen is one of those awe-inspiring women that always puts her family and children first.  She says if she ever is to look back on her life, she would want to “know that [she] raised good kids and made the world slightly better.”   Well, having already established an NGO that is in its 11th year of operation, raising three littles- whom she dedicates most of her time to, and also recently launching Birth Halo, a resource for new parents dedicated to answering the many questions that come up during that precious 4th trimester, she is on her way to all that and so much more.   

As we chat, Kristen is continually expressing gratitude for the life she is leading.  She humbly says, “It sounds like a lot more than what it really is…and more than anything I am grateful for the privilege of having time with my children at this stage.”  So not only is Kristen a rockstar social entrepreneur and involved mother, she is also incredibly down to earth.   

When I ask Kristen what advice if any she has to the women around her, she says, “The more we help each other, the more we all rise.”  And it is so clear from all of Kristen’s work that she has this beautiful bit of advice applies to everything that she does.  We chat a bit more about motherhood, our goals and finally we touch on to what we feel is chic…

For Kristen, “Chic is being comfortable in your skin and powerful- not worried about what other people are doing, and forging a path that feels true to you.”  As Kristen says this, I smile because this is 100% Kristen- focused on raising a beautiful family, while making time for all the amazing projects that she is currently involved in.  

Kristen, you, darling are the definition of chic!  I am not quite sure how you balance all the things you do, while always being the ray of light that you are.  Thank you for the positive impact driven business you have launched and thank you for taking the time to chat with me and share more about yourself!    

Stay inspiring, stay chic.



The Land of Chic

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