Meet Mimi- Combining her passions to bring education to life.

Meet Mimi- Combining her passions to bring education to life.


A long term Tokyo resident, Mimi Takano (aka Takano Sensei to her Japanese students) finds the balance between her career and her passions through teaching, baking and fitness.  Her infectious smile and upbeat perspective make chatting with her easy and I come away with a fresh take on the power of positivity.   

As a primary school Japanese language teacher at The American School in Japan, Mimi works where she grew up.  “I love it,” she says as it allows her a unique and genuine connection with her students.  “I hated Japanese,” Mimi jokes,  “which is why I want to make it fun for my students, as I have been in their shoes.”  

For Mimi, her students and teaching always come first but her creative and artistic side finds expression through her instagram blog @mimibakesbooks.  Combining her love for baking, books and photography, Mimi creates whimsical eye-catching treats, which bring much loved children’s stories to life as a means to promote reading and books.   A win all around if you ask me!  

Mimi's weekdays revolve around teaching, with mornings spent preparing for lessons and interacting with her students. After a full day at school, she relaxes by reading, watching tv, and working on lessons.  On weekends, you can find Mimi bouldering, taking part in group fitness lessons and catching up with her friends. 

As we chat, Mimi’s positive attitude shines and she attributes a lot this to the fact that she’s surrounded by children all day.  She says their innocence, and genuine sweetness add an extra layer of happiness to her life that she can’t help but radiate that same energy.

Mimi's journey hasn't been without its share of challenges. Overcoming a toxic relationship, Mimi sought the professional help she needed and committed to her  personal growth. Through this experience, she discovered  she had the strength and resilience to propelled her forward. As for her greatest achievement, Mimi humbly believes there is still so much she wants to accomplish.

Mimi, Takano Sensei, thank you for all the amazing work you do to inspire our kids in the classroom and taking it further to inspire us to combine our passions with our work! 

Stay inspiring, stay chic.



P.S.  Looking for a bit of creative inspiration?!  Follow Mimi's book bakes on instagram @mimibakesbooks

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