Meet Naho - If you can give back, why not?!

When you do good, you feel good and it's no wonder why Naho is always a ray of light every time I see her. Dedicating herself to volunteer and charitable work, Naho’s commitment to her “hobby” of helping those in need is truly commendable.  

Describing herself as intuitive, passionate and dedicated, Naho founded her charitable organization, 一般社団法人, “cornerstone I•SHI•ZU•E,”  after spending 12 years as a Program Manager for a relief fund dedicated to disaster relief for the Great East Japan Earthquake. 

Through Cornerstone, Naho organizes a number of charity drives to support orphans, single parent homes and low income homes in Japan.  I was lucky to meet Naho, whilst donating to one of her projects and her positive energy and radiant smile were truly infectious.

When I asked Naho why she founded her Cornerstone, she says, “If there is someone who needs help and support and if you’re the one who can do it, then do it. It’s that simple…” 

As we talk, Naho is open about what she believes is her greatest achievement- her son.  “I got married young, straight out of college.  And I dedicated myself to  raising my son. I went to his school everyday, I was class mom, I was always volunteering for something and it was so much fun!

As a mom, balancing raising kids and working on my own career goals, Naho’s path truly gives me hope that in time things will come together.

When I asked Naho what is chic to her she says, “Faith, not just religious faith, but being passionate about something and believing in it deeply.” 

Naho’s advice to other women:  Focus on what you’re grateful for and find and follow your passions.  Stay away from negative people and thoughts and don’t compare yourselves to others, we all are on our own paths. 

Naho, THANK YOU for all the wonderful work you do in helping others and motivating all of us to get involved.   If you are interested in supporting Naho’s charitable efforts, please visit Cornerstone Ishizue’s webpage

And as a special request from Naho she wants to thank all the wonderful people who support the projects she works on!  Stephanie Chang, National Azabu Neighbors (Reina, Maiko, Akiko, Maki & Rena)  Chi, Shinobu, Keiko and last but not least April Cook <3


Stay inspiring, stay chic.




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