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We all have met and come across this woman.  She is effortlessly put together and always smiling.  Even when the rain is coming down on a gloomy winter morning, Sono will be smiling as she is walking her 4 year old daughter to hoikuen (Japanese daycare).  

Every time I see her, Sono’s laidback street style always inspires me and when I finally found out she was a professional stylist, it made perfect sense! With a full-time career working with big fashion brands and artists in Tokyo, one of the world's fashion capitals, you would think Sono would be fairly content with her thriving career.  But long-behold she was looking for more.  

Aspiring to launch a brand and vision of her own, Sono was inspired by her young daughter's love of flouncy dresses and princesses.  After months of product planning and testing, Sono recently launched a SCOT&Y, curating the absolute perfect capsule collection of dreamy play inspired dress-up wear for little girls.  And let me tell you they are so sweet! I immediately purchased a set for my own daughter, who I regularly find dressed up in her fun fairy-like tulle skirt.  

Born in the Japanese countryside, Sono came to Tokyo to attend fashion school and built her career from there.  She is simultaneously juggling motherhood, working as a stylist and building a brand of her own!   She accurately defines herself as joyful, determined and always striving for more.  She says, “Continuation is power,” and you can see this in her work as she pushes the needle a bit every day.   Her advice to other women is that it is incredibly important to recharge and when things get overwhelming take some time to refresh, then “Reset and move forward again.” 

When asked, what is “chic” to you, Sono replied with, “elegance.”  And with her calm and easy-going demeanor Sono absolutely embodies this herself.  

Cheers to you Sono and best of luck on your new ventures!  

Visit her gorgeous children’s collection at:





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